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What is Kinesiology?

If you asked this question to anyone who has experienced kinesiology, you would never get the same answer; because what occurs during a session varies from session to session and person to person.

Kinesiologists believe that on a deep unconscious level, your body already knows exactly what it needs for optimal well-being.

Kinesiology works with the understanding that all aspects of a person work as one, with the brain being the prime engine. The brain, as we know, is involved with our ‘selves’ on many levels. These include:

  • Physical: movement, breathing, heartbeat, perspiration etc.

  • Nutritional: digestion, assimilation of minerals and antioxidants, and elimination to name some of the functions.

  • Emotional: reactions and behaviours

  • Psychological: thoughts, dreams, processing of ideas etc.

  • Energetic: includes intuition, feelings about things, a ‘knowing’.

Kinesiology assists you to access the information you have within you

Your body is an amazing creation, it knows exactly what it requires to have you operating at your optimum on every level. Kinesiology can help you access that knowledge.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to identify blockages, imbalances and stressors to your physical, emotional, spiritual and subconscious body. It also identifies the solutions to the obstructions that prevent you experiencing an amazing life.

Connect with your heart and soul to find your life’s path, your journey, your answers, your truth.

Heart and Soul Kinesiology & Therapies:

Servicing the communities of Wallington, Ocean Grove, the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong and beyond.

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